The New Generation Airtankers

10 Tanker Air Carrier began researching the development of Next Generation airtankers in 2002. Company personnel were assembled with an extensive history of heavy jet operations, modifications and ownership. After two years of research into aerial firefighting requirements and future direction, 10 Tanker selected the DC10 type for development. A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA for modifications of DC10 aircraft to be used for the aerial dispersement of liquids was issued in March 2006. 10 Tanker then obtained a 14 CFR Part 137 Operating Certificate for aerial firefighting and IAB approval for agency use.

The company has achieved operational success by development of a safe and effective Structural Integrity Program, a reliable maintenance program, a robust aircraft type, and an effective, proven retardant delivery system capable of delivering full or split loads at all desired coverage levels. 

10 TANKER'S DC10s have proven to be a valuable tool for professional firefighting agencies to contain and suppress wild fires of all terrain and fuel types. 

10 Tanker Fact Sheet

Learn more about the our VLAT's (Vary Large Air Tankers) through the 10 Tanker Fact Sheet. From retardant payload to Tanker System specs, the 10 Tanker Fact Sheet is packed with information on our DC10's. 

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